‘SOFII is a great resource for professional fundraisers:
I use it all the time,
and just want to say ‘thank you’.

The Fundraising Detective, UK.



SOFII says

As a fundraiser you will know only too well that the best laid plans sometimes go astray...

Not that our plans were all that impeccably laid. But our intention was good. When we heard that some donors to SOFII were not able to get to the BIG GIVE website in time, we set up a secure online donation facility to allow those inconvenienced by uncooperative time zones to send their donation details to be processed for them by SOFII, as they slept.

We thought that the least we could do, for our wonderful donors.

Unfortunately this facility is causing problems because a large number of credit card issuers require supplementary information from the cardholder, for security reasons, which of course SOFII is not in a position to supply.

So for the sake of simplicity we are closing that facility, though it can still be used for donations that will not be matched*.

However the BIG GIVE assure us that their limited funds will not run out so quickly in the next three days, so you will still be able to make your gift at the link below or click on the panel at above right. https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/donate/donate.php?charity_ id=5574

The site is open and operating now.

So wherever you are, if you try as early in the morning as is comfortable for you, success, we are told, is very likely.

I hope there will be no problem now for you in donating to SOFII via the BIG GIVE today, but if there are, please let me know and I will do all I can to resolve them.

Your understanding of these practical challenges is appreciated. Thank you and best wishes,on behalf of all at SOFII.

Ken Burnett
Managing trustee

If you wish to make a donation to SOFII directly today without matching funds, you can do so here.

*Our apologies to Roger Craver for his valiant note earlier today to all SOFII professional friends. Apart from this one small detail, everything else he said still stands.

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