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Wessex Mill Clarks (Wantage) ltd, Wessex Mill, Mill Street, Wantage, OX12 9AB, United Kingdom.

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About Us

We are probably the smallest flour mill left commercially roller milling wheat. At Wantage we replaced the old flour mill, that was built at the beginning of the last century, in 1980. The new one was built with machines dating back to 1935. It was designed to be able to run slowly and quietly and with the minimum of maintenance. This has meant that the flour we produce isn't heated up as much as on modern plants.

We are milling flour for the Craft Baker who is looking for a flour that is consistent, strong and has a good performance. One of the key indicators for the baker is the amount of water that can be absorbed into the loaf (more water less flour needed).
If you try to maximise water absorption the tolerance and performance of the flour is affected. We do not push it and the result is a flour that will work for you.

The consistency of our flour is down to buying good wheat. The area around the mill produces some of the best wheats in the UK. We buy from local farms and pick the wheat up with our own lorries

You can find the names of the farms that we use on the packet.

We always welcome enquries. So please call us on 01235 768991.

Paul Munsey

Flour Miller