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More than just a weekend’s entertainment …

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My spoon carving courses are unique in that they focus on the skills I want you to take away at the end of the course, although you will also have some spoons too!

You’ll learn some basic cuts with knives and axes which will enable you to use spoon carving tools efficiently and safely. You’ll then be guided through a few simple projects where you will be able to use those cuts and add to them as your skill grows.

By the end of the course, not only will you have a good grounding in spoon carving skills, but you will have learned:

  • the easy way to equip yourself to continue spoon carving

  • how to sharpen and care for your own tools

  • the sort of wood to use and where to get it from

Plus the chance to see a range of different things you can make with the same wood and tools; pots and boxes, cord, tool handles and sheaths … and more.

Included in the price of most courses is a knife and some extra wood so you can continue carving as soon as you get home.

I am rather proud of the number of people who continue carving after they’ve been on one of my courses!

... learning skills for life