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the satori group

David M Lambert - words/keyboards/voice
Tommie (Weaver) Wincott - engineering/mixing/keyboards
Dave King - Guitar/keyboards

The story is a crazy one; it's not like anything that's ever gone before… no spin on this one; it's a tale of despair,love, murder, friendship, hate, success, confusion, betrayal, being fabulous, despondent; a tale of creation, sadness, light, wisdom  and hope… the satori group worked on the project from August 1997 through February 1999 when they made contact with Fenton Bailey of Los Angeles film and video company World of Wonder. WoW had made Party Monster, a 55 minute documentary telling the whole Michael Alig and Club Kids story, warts and all! David and Fenton liaised throughout 1999. In late 1999 Blueprint Productions sent examples of the project to Los Angeles.The CD got into the hands of James St James, friend, confidant and Club Kid collaborator of Michael Alig, who brought it to the attention of Michael Alig who had been sentenced to 10 -20 years for the murder of Angel Melendez and was currently imprisoned at Clinton Correctional Facility, New York State. 

In January 2000 Blueprint received a letter from Michael Alig inquiring about the project and offering his services. Lambert was particularly delighted with this as he had written treatments in the first person and had intended to employ an American to read/perform them. He now knew exactly who would read them! Lambert wrote back to Alig explaining the project in more detail and suggested he visited him in order to record him for inclusion on the CD! Alig agreed and the next six months were taken up acquiring the necessary permission.

Throughout this period Lambert and Alig were writing to each weekly. Finally, BLUEPRINT received a letter from the New York State Correctional System agreeing to let Lambert visit Alig for five hours. Lambert prepared for the 4000 miles journey! By this time DISCO BLOODBATH by James St James had been published; Party Monster had been aired on UK television and had received rave reviews at film festivals throughout the world. On 28 June 2000, Lambert flew to Montreal, where he picked up a car and drove across the US border to meet with Michael Alig.

Lambert entered the Facility with two video cameras, a minidisk recorder and small recording studio. He had briefed Alig as to what was expected of him! The two men spent five hours together recording original work as well as the first paragraph of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, later to become Alig's vocal on 'The Epoch of Belief'.

Lambert shot amazing footage of Alig talking about his life, the New York madness of the early to mid 1990s… and of course, the murder!

But there were lighter moments… Alig telling a joke, current reading material, the perceived rivalry between him and James St James.

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