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Our Approach: Medina

Medina is certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant and was established in 2006 to bring industry standard collection processes to Central and Local Government Organisations to collect debt in a transparent way.

The team at Medina have over 30 years operational experience, a significant number of these in delivering services to large FTSE 250 companies, Central /Government, Local Authorities and Not for Profit Organisations.

Medina understands the need, in our economic environment, for legislative compliance, transparency of service, protection of brand image and corporate reputation.

We do this by understanding your business and market in which you operate, which allows us to act as an extension of your organisation, to deliver a synergistic approach, allowing you to continue to govern your core business whilst we govern your debt.

Now representing over 80 Housing Associations across the UK, Medina leads the way in tracing and collecting from Former Tenants. At Medina we aim to lighten the load of many of our clients by taking control over those debtors that cannot be located. As a result we often outperform our competitors by up to 35%.