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Our Work with Debtors

Medina collect money from 1,000s of debtors and this can sometimes be a difficult and confrontational job. At times we need to be assertive but do not engage in a bullying approach or act in threatening way. Also will not accept threatening behaviour from people we come into contact with.

All telephone calls are recorded.

Often people do not agree with the debt being recovered and we are happy to raise a dispute with our client. It is important that we collect the right amount owed.

Occasionally, things go wrong for any number of reasons and it is important where we have gone wrong we take steps to put things right. This can only happen by people being able to complain about any aspect of the service we offer.

To complain, please fill in the contact form, once submitted, you will receive a receipt. We aim to respond on full to you complaint within 48 hours with either a resolution or advising you what we are doing to resolve your complaint.