US Trademark # 1,112,678 - Gipiemme

US Trademark 1,112,678 - Gipiemme main image

This trademark registration, from a filing in 1977, is as confusing as many other aspects of Gipiemme’s history. Their address is given as Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza), Milan, Italy. Camisano Vicentino is a town about 20km from Vicenza. Milan is a mere 230km away. One version of Gipiemme’s story has the company being founded in Milan and moving to the Vicenza area in 1974 to work with Campagnolo. So what is the reference to Milan doing on a filing made three years after the move?

And that bird has some mighty wings.

US Trademark 1,112,678 - Gipiemme main image
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