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These, rather tacky, instructions were supplied with a Tiso Tri 300 - but, handily, make no mention of that derailleur. This is not as bad as it seems - because the Tiso Tri 300 is mechanically identical to the derailleur pictured - but it is not quite what you would expect of a premium product as nicely made as a Tiso rear derailleur.

Note also that the Tiso Tri 300 that came with these instructions was stamped 05-06, indicating that it was made in June 2005. It had a 50mm cage (not 48mm as might be expected from the 2005 web site) and that the 50mm and 75mm cage versions of the Tiso Sereo 130 and Tiso Altore 366 are mentioned (again not as the 2005 web site).

  • Publisher: Tiso
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: 2005
  • Derailleur brands: Tiso
  • Derailleurs: Tiso Altore 366, Tiso Sereo 130, Tiso Tri 300
Tiso - instructions main image
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