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DNP is the derailleur brand of Long Yih Industry Co.. It was established by one Fuxiong Chen in 1971 in Taipei County, Taiwan. In 1991 DNP opened the first of several factories in mainland China. Throughout their existence they have concentrated on derailleur gear systems and multiple sprockets and freewheels. DNP is another huge enterprise with a claimed production capacity of 5 million derailleurs a year!

The earliest DNP derailleur that I have seen is a close relative of the 1965? Japanese DNB 66 red derailleur in this collection. It is possible that this DNP derailleur dates from 1971. The DNP name, cursive script logo and the red colour used are all extremely similar to those used by DNB. I do not know if there was any formal relationship between DNB and DNP, or whether this is just an example of blatant copying - something that is far from impossible. DNP continue to use the cursive script logo to this day.

As with many other Taiwanese derailleur manufacturers, DNP’s product range has been heavily based on serviceable copies of slightly long-in-the-tooth, lower-end Shimano derailleurs. However the initial DNB copy and some later designs based on the SunTour Cyclone (7000) show that at least they like to have some variety in their sources of ‘inspiration’.

Also like many other Taiwanese derailleur manufacturers, DNP have manufactured derailleurs for sale under other brands. I have a Rino branded derailleur in this collection that is one of their creations.

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DNP GX 2000?

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DNP Epoch 6 2000?

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DNP Epoch - bag 2000?

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see also US Trademark # 4,647,517 - DNP 2013

see also US Trademark # 4,647,517 - DNP 2013

US Trademark 4,647,517 - DNP thumbnail

DNP Inc. 2013 - pdf catalogue

DNP Inc. 2013 - pdf catalogue

  • Publisher: DNP
  • Date: 2013
  • Derailleur brands: DNP
  • Derailleurs: too many to list here
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