Installing a DCC decoder in a Hornby Schools Class Steam Loco

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Schools Class Loco

This installation really is one of the easiest in a steam loco as the loco is DCC ready.

Before installing chip into any loco it is advisable to check the current being drawn by the loco. To remove the body there is one screw in the smoke stack.

Schools tender underside

The loco is DCC ready, having a socket installed in the tender of the loco.

There are two screws that hold the tender body to the chassis. Undo these screws and gently remove the tender body. You will find that the screws do not drop out and can be difficult to undo as they can be very tight.


Location of socket in T9 tender

Gently lever the dummy plug out of the socket. This reveals the socket, with pin 1 clearly labelled.

Schools with TCS M1-UK decoder installed

This installation used a TCS M1-UK decoder but the TCS DP2X-UK decoder, a plug-and-play decoder with no wires also fits this loco. Check the orientation of the decoder to ensure Pin 1 is correctly identified and firmly push the decoder into the socket, being careful not to bend the pins.

If you wish to remove the capacitor this can be done by carefully cutting out the device by snipping the legs of the capacitor, as close to the device as possible.

It is suggested that you do any programming of the decoder at this point, before replacing the body.

Replace the body, fit the screw and replace the coupling.

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