Installing a DCC decoder in a Hornby Q1 Steam Loco

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This installation really is one of the easiest in a steam loco as the engine is DCC ready. The most difficult part is refitting the body on to the chassis.

Before installing chip into any loco it is advisable to check the current being drawn by the loco. To remove the body there is one screw in the smoke stack.

Q1 dummy plug

The loco is DCC ready, having a socket installed at the front of the loco. Gently lever the dummy plug out of the socket.

Q1 with DCC plug installed

This reveals the socket, with pin 1 (for the pin with the orange wire attached) clearly labelled. This installation used a TCS M1 UK decoder, one of the smallest decoders on the market, with a short harness for UK locos.

Q1 with wires tidied

Firmly push the plug attached to the decoder into the socket, being careful not to bend the pins.

The decoder wires will need to be folded so that the decoder sits on the motor housing and will need to be taped into position.


Q1 capacitor

If you wish to remove the capacitor this can be done by just cutting out the device, as shown.

It is suggested that you do any programming of the decoder at this point, before replacing the body.

Replace the body carefully taking care with the delicate pipework at the rear. Angle the chassis into the body at the rear to locate the two lugs at the front of the cab.

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