Installing a DCC decoder in a Hornby Class 08 Diesel

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Class 08 and decoder


Before installing chip into any loco it is advisable to check the current being drawn by the loco. You should test the current drawn when the loco is stalled to find the peak current and select a decoder that will cope with that maximum current requirement. If you are using a decoder with wires you will need a decoder with a sheath to protect the decoder from short circuits. If the decoder of choice does not have a protective sheath Hornby have thoughtfully provided a sheath for you to slip over the decoder before installation.

This installation is quite straightforward and extremely simple as it uses a plug-in TCS DP2X-UK decoder which has no wires.

You will need one small Phillips screwdriver for this installation.

Exposing screws on 08Class 08 screws at front of loco
There are four screws securing the body to the chassis. To access the two screws at the front of the loco you will need to remove the two small tanks either side of the coupling assembly. These just pull out from the underside of the loco. Make sure you know which way round they go ready for reassembly!! Once the screws have been undone the body can be gently lifted away from the chassis. Be careful of the wire fitting on the front left-hand side. If this is bent too far it will be difficult to get back into shape.
Class 08 showing DC blanking plug


Once the body has been removed the DCC socket is clearly indentifiable at the rear of the loco.

Installing the decoder itself is really very straightforward. Gently remove the PCB in the NMRA socket by levering it out from each end..


Class 08 with decoder installed


Once the existing PCB has been removed it is obvious which way round the new NMRA board should plug into the socket as pin 1 is labelled clearly on the underlying PCB. Push the DP2X-UK (or NMRA board if using a wired decoder) firmly into the socket, being careful not to bend the pins. Make sure of the orientation of the decoder/plug before inserting into the socket.

Before replacing the body, program the CV settings as required on the programming track and test the loco on the main line or a rolling road.



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