Installing a DCC decoder in a Hornby 5-BEL Brighton Belle

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Hornby 5-BEL

Before installing chip into any loco it is advisable to check the current being drawn by the loco. You should test the current drawn when the loco is stalled to find the peak current and select a decoder that will cope with that maximum current requirement.

This installation is very straightforward and uses a TCS DP2X direct plug 8-pin decoder. The orientation of the pins on this decoder is more suitable for this installation than the DP2X-UK.

Hornby 5-BEL

Removing the body is reasonably easy, but you will need some pieces of thick card to carry out this installation as well as a small flat headed screwdriver.

The body is a tight fit against the chassis but there are no screws to remove. Just use your finger nail to move the body slightly away from the chassis and insert card as shown in the photo alongside.

Hornby 5-BEL

Having inserted the pieces of card you now need to complete the removal process by using the screwdriver to gently lever outwards the two body retaining clips each end of the underside of the chassis.

Once you have managed to move the body away a little from the chassis gently wiggle the two parts away from each other.

Hornby 5-BEL

Once the chassis is clear the location of the decoder socket becomes obvious. You will need the small flat headed screwdriver to gently lever out the blanking plug.

Hornby 5-BEL Hornby 5-BEL

Insert the 8-pin decoder into the socket. Make sure it is round the right way by checking the position of pin 1!

Test and program the loco before fitting the body. Refit the body.

The table lamps will only work when the complete unit is assembled in the correct order.



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