Installing a DCC decoder in a Dapol Beattie Well Tank Loco
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Last updated 26 January, 2020
Beattie Well Tank

Installing the decoder in this loco is extremely easy. There is no need to remove the body as the placement of the DCC socket has been cunningly located in the boiler and accessed from the front. A small flat headed screwdriver is required for releasing and relocating the board which the DCC decoder fits into.



BWT decoder choice


You will need a 6-pin decoder for this loco.

Unfortunately not all 6-pin decoders currently available fit into the loco so do choose carefully. The length is critical since, once the board is refitted inside the boiler, there is limited length available if you replace the board into its original location.

This install used a Digitrax DZ165IN decoder but a Zimo MX621N will also fit easily. The TCS EUN651 doesn't, though, as it is too long.

Location of DCC socket


Access to the inside of the boiler is via the boiler door at the front of the loco. Cleverly, this is attached to the loco by two magnets, as shown in the photo alongside. Just get you finger nails under the edge of the boiler door top and bottom and gently pull away. Be careful not to damage the hinge detail on the door at this point.





Location of decoder
The circuit board inside the loco can be seen lodged behind the top magnet. With a small screwdriver gently lever it downwards to release it from is current location. The board can then be pulled forward so that you can access it for the decoder installation.
Decoder installed

Remove the blanking plug by gently pulling it away from the socket - it is a tight fit so be careful not to damage any other parts whilst carrying out this task.

Fit your decoder of choice ensuring that pin 1 is on the right hand side as you look at the front of the board. Unhelpfully some decoders don't have pin 1 marked on them but generally the top side of the decoder is the side with the larger components.

Check that the loco works correctly before putting the decoder and board back into the loco. You may need to just nudge the board upwards with a screwdriver to relocate it behind the magnet.

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