Installing a DCC chip in a Bachmann 2-EPB Multiple Unit

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Last updated 29 March, 2020

This installation should be straightforward. You only need to install a decoder into the motor car of the 2-car unit as there is a special contact coupling that links lights in the trailer car. You will need a 21-pin decoder and this installation uses a TCS EU621 6-function decoder.

Before installing chip into any loco it is advisable to check the current being drawn by the loco. Bachmann recommend running in the loco on DC first. This isn't really necessary as running in can take place after decoder installation but it is always a good idea to check that the loco works correctly on DC before progressing any further.

Removing the body from the Class 40

The most difficult part of this installation was actually separating the the body from the chassis.

The body is secured to the chassis with 2 screws at the front end, so remove these first and put safely to one side.

With an increasing number of high quality models now being produced by manufacturers, having very delicate parts means that the models need to be handled with care and this model is no exception.


Separating body and chassis

The instructions that come with the model advise working from the front backwards to release the clips that hold the body in place. This works well for most of the body - it is advisable to use a finger nail between body and chassis - once underneath, run your nail from front to back along the edge of the body.

Now for the difficult bits, and there are two!

(1) You need to detach the wire conduit from the solebar. I found this impossible to do with fingers so a long nosed pair of pliers were used. Even then there was considerable resistance in trying to remove the conduit but eventually with some brute force it came out...... and flew off somewhere and took some time to locate!!

(2) The back end of the bodywork is extremely difficult to separate from the chassis, certainly on this particular model. The only way I could find of prising the body away from the chassis to release the clip is to get a VERY thin piece of metal (I used a letter opener) to get between body and chassis. Be careful not to damage either body or chassis paintwork.


Decoder socket


Once inside the blanking plug should be removed from the 21-pin socket.



Decoder installed

Install the decoder, making sure it is up the right way or it won't go on the pins!!

It is suggested that you do any programming of the decoder, before replacing the body.

Replace the body from the front working backwards to relocate the body clips. The body goes back on much easier than it comes off and snaps into place. Replace the screws and wire conduit (if you haven't lost it or broken it!).


One further piece of advice - if possible add some weight to the end of the trailer car. It is quite light and some extra weight will help keep the wheels where they should be (on the track!) rather than jumping off, a problem I have experienced leading to a fatal (for the EMU) short circuit!

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