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Last updated 21 January, 2010

This decoder is small enough for N scale but strong enough for HO!  From the start the design criteria for the M1 decoder was to make it small for N scale but fully capable of powering HO locos! At 0.355" wide and 0.132" thick it will fit in many N scale locos.  With its smooth and strong 1amp motor drive with BEMF it is well suited for many HO locos especially where space is at a premium, such as the Bachmann Class 08 Diesel shunter or Hornby West Country or Merchant Navy locos. The M1P and M1-UK (both with NMRA plug fitted) are ideal for locos such as the Bachmann Class 20 diesel, which already has an NMRA socket fitted.


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If you would like information about this decoder with a NMRA 8 pin plug, select the M1-P or M1-UK decoder in our internet store. For a description of differences between the M1P and M1UK click here.


Electronic Specifications:


Buy the M1 decoder with standard harness and without NMRA plug here.


M series decoders with NMRA plugs attached

There are two types of M series decoder with a NMRA plug attached.

The PMH variant has a 3.5" harness with the wires being soldered to the plug at right angles to the long axis of the board. The UK variant, however, has a 2" harness and wires that are soldered longitudinally down the board. This makes the UK a good choice for many UK RTR locos where space is at a premium inside the body and where the orientation of the wiring is an important factor.

You are advised to inspect the inside of the loco and measure the space available BEFORE ordering to make sure you order the correct type for the loco.

Buy the M1-P decoder complete with NMRA plug and 3.5" harness here.

Buy the M1-UK decoder complete with NMRA plug and 2" harness here.

For an instruction leaflet on the M1 decoder in PDF format, click here.



For more technical info about the M1 decoder and CV settings, click here


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