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This page is designed to help those starting to use DCC in UK ready to run (RTR) locos available from the major model manufacturers in 4mm, HO and OO scales.

Where there is further information available about CVs for specific decoders there are direct links from the tables. Where a 4-digit address has been set the values for CVs 17 and 18 are provided in the tables for the particular model number. Where available, Decoder Pro (Version 1.5.6) XML files are now being made available for download for specific locos and should be imported using the Roster > Import Entry option from the main menu screen. To download a file, right-click on the suggested Roster Import name and select Save Target As.

To calculate your own CV17/18 values for long addresses, please click here.

The CV settings shown here are settings that have been proved to work on the particular locos listed. Remember, though, that every loco is different and, whilst these settings can be used as a starting point, it is up to the user to adjust them to suit their own situation. We would like to know how useful these pages are, so do please let us know. If you have any observations/additions/suggestions, etc. please do email us here. Also, do please pass on any settings for loco/decoder combinations that you know work well so that others can benefit from this information. Don't be afraid of submitting settings - they are all anonymous (unless you would like your efforts recognized)! Please supply settings for CVs as shown in the tables below. Where a loco type has an asterisk by it, click on the type to activate a link to a page that shows you how to install a decoder in this particular loco type.

To purchase TCS, NCE, Zimo, ESU, DCC Concepts, Soundtraxx or ATL decoders, click here.


Page last updated July 11, 2011


For decoder installation instructions click here

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