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This store is the source of Employee licences for our KasPer Pro HR solution, template editions of KasCur Pro CRM and KasTim Pro Time Recording along with our consultancy services. Consultancy time can be used for customisation and support for our Office 365 Apps, building custom databases or Podio consultancy. Time spent on projects will be deducted from your purchased balance as used.

For software purchases (Template Editions of KasCur Pro and KasTim Pro), you should receive download links to your files (please advise if there is a problem).

For KasPer Pro Employee Licences, once we have received confirmation of your payment we will then send out your licence codes. This process, which currently requires people input, may not be immediate - and note that we are in the UK so time differences may apply.

If you are buying from the UK then VAT will be added at 20%. From another EU country you will need a valid VAT number and then VAT will not be added. All prices in our store are shown here Exclusive of VAT.

For customers in other countries there is no VAT added to your order.

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